Guilherme oliveira



Guilherme R. Oliveira (1993), born in Ourém, Portugal, began music studies when he was 11, in Conservatório de Música de Ourém e Fátima (CMOF). Despite of being student of classical guitar and voice, the choir was part of the curriculum. He started his choral experience participating in concerts and activities promoted by the conservatory.

Since then, he has had the opportunity to participate in various contests and choral festivals, such as Festival Coral de Verão (with CMOF’s Chamber Choir and ESML’s Chamber Choir), INATEL Festival (with CMOF’s Chamber Choir, the winning choir of the festival), Freamunde Internacional Choir Competition (with CMOF’s Chamber Choir), Monteverdi Festival (with Ricercare Choir), in Centro Cultural de Belém, and more recently Peças Frescas Festival, edition Açores, festival where pieces of young Portuguese composers are premiered. 

At this moment, he continues his studies of classical guitar at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (ESML), being part of the school's chamber choir, the CMOF Chamber Choir and the Ricercare Choir.