joão figueira



João Pedro Salvado Figueira (1997) born in Fundão, Portugal, began his music studies when he was six years old, at Academia de Música e Dança do Fundão (AMDF). He received the secondary level of education in classical guitar, with Pedro Rufino. Apart from classical guitar being the primary instrument, he was also attending singing lessons for one year. He began to sing in the AMDF choir in 2014.

João has joined the Portuguese Experimental Choir, integrated in the Classical Orchestra of the Center, and also started to sing with chamber choir of the Superior School of Music of Lisbon (ESML). He participated in the Festival Coral de Verão in 2017 with chamber choir of ESML, where they won two gold medals. In the same year, he attended the Peças Frescas- Edição Açores festival, where were premiered pieces of young composers. 

At this moment, he continues his studies in classical guitar at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (ESML), being part of the school's chamber choir as bass.