Miguel Tiago Carvalho (1997), born in Almada, Portugal, started studying piano at the age of five and guitar at the age of nine at Academia de Música de Almada (AMA) graduating in 2015. He sang in AMA’s chamber choir, as well as other choirs and vocal ensembles such as Spatium Vocale’s Symphonic and Chamber Choir and Quarteto Vocalónimus having participated in operas and musical theatres.

In2014 he formed his own vocal group, VoxBeat, with conservatory colleagues working as a composer/arranger and singer and performing in their own concerts and at music festivals. In 2017, he enrolled in Choral Conducting and Music Education at Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (ESML) and joined the school’s chamber choir.

He also currently sings in Jazz Cantat and Coro Gospel de Azeitão and has been invited to sing in school projects, with Coro Académico Português and few gospel choirs.

As a choralist he’s worked with conductors such as Paulo Lourenço, Sérgio Fontão, Tiago Marques, Quentin Hindley, João Branco, and several others.