Natália ribeiro



Natália Ribeiro started her musical studies in 2000 in a professional music school. Later, she joined Conservatório do Vale do Sousa where she studied transverse flute and solfeje.

She is a member of several choral groups and ensembles, such as, Coro Feminino do Vale do Sousa (having won awards in na international level), Coro Sacro da ESML, Ensemble Desafinados e Laudi Per Voce Ensemble. She sang in vocal ensembles between the years of 2015 and 2016 in the scope of the Erasmus Program in Hungary (Kodály Institute).

Currently, she is finishing her degree in Direção Coral e Formação Musical (Conducting and Solfeje) in Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa. She teaches musical expression, solfeje and piano and conducts the Grupo Coral Arco-Íris.