Sofia david



Ana Sofia David was born in 1993 in Sintra, Portugal. Since a very early age she has shown interest in music, especially regarding singing. She started her musical studies at the age of 8 with piano lessons at home. In 2005, she entered Escola de Música Leal da Câmara, now Conservatório de Música de Sintra, studying the recorder. In the early years, she was singing in various school choirs and joined Coro Leal da Câmara at the age of 17. With the mentioned choir she participated in Competição Coral Internacional de Freamunde, earning the 1st place in “Coro dos Coros” category. 

In 2014 she was accepted to Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, where she began her Bachelor’s degree in Choral Conducting and Musical Education. She studied with conductors such as Paulo Lourenço, Vasco Azevedo, Clara Coelho and Inês Lopes. During her studies she sang in the school choirs, sometimes as a soloist. She participated in a variety of projects, from baroque choral music to premieres of composition course students. 

In 2014, she sang in the Gulbenkian’s participatory concert “Carmina Burana”. In 2015, she entered Emotion Voices Choir and also joined Jazz Cantat Choir and Hot Club Portugal, studying Jazz for a year. In 2015 and 2016, she attended Curso Internacional de Música Vocal in Aveiro, studying with soprano Isabel Alcobia. In November 2016, she sang with Gulkenbian Choir “Choros nº10” from Villa-Lobos

Sofia competed in Lisbon’s Summer Choral Festival in 2016 and 2017 with ESML Choirs and Emotion Voices. In 2016, she was a choralist in her first opera - “Cosí fan Tutte” from W.A.Mozart - and in November 2017 premiered “Treemonisha” from Scott Joplin. In 2017, she sang with Grupo Coral de São José Beethoven’s “Missa Solemnis” in Ponta Delgada, Açores. In the same year, she travelled to Açores again to participate in Peças Frescas - Edição Açores festival as both choralist and soloist. She had the opportunity to work with a few distinguished conducters, such as Gonçalo Lourenço, Manuel Rebelo, Tiago Marques and Gustavo Dudamel.

Currently, she is studying singing with soprano Sara Meireles and baritone Manuel Rebelo. She attended singing masterclasses with Isabel Alcobia, João Lourenço and Pierre Mak. Furthermore, she is finishing her Bachelor’s degree, participating in Metropolitana’s Opera Atelier where she performs as Papagena in Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”.