João barros



João Barros studied piano at Conservatório D. Dinis with Elsa Cabral. In 2012, João started studying Singing in Escola de Música do Conservatório Nacional with Nuno Vilallonga. In 2014, he finished the bachelor degree in Choir Conducting and Music Education at Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa. As an Erasmus student, João studied at Kodály Intezet, in Kecskemét, Hungary. Nowadays, he is finishing master degree in Choral Conducting with Paulo Lourenço, at Escola Superior de Musica de Lisboa.

Since 2014 João has taught in several music academies around Lisbon, such as Academia de música da Graça, Academia de Música de Lisboa and Academia de Amadores de Música. Currently, he is teaching choir and vocal training at Academia Musical dos Amigos das Crianças and at Escola de Música da Paróquia de Alfornelos.

As a conductor, João has been working with prestigious conductors such as Paulo Lourenço, Vasco Azevedo, Alberto Roque, Árpád Toth, László Nemes, Brett Scott, Georg Grün and Neil Ferris.

In last few years, he premiered both choral and instrumental pieces from the Portuguese composers João Costa, Carmen Pomet, Carlos Garcia and João Caldas.

João has been conducting several famous amateur choirs in Portugal, such as Grupo Coral de Queluz and Regina Coeli choir. In 2017, João was the main conductor of Coro Académico de Lisboa. In the same year, The Chamber Choir of Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa participated in Festival Coral de Verão, the greatest choir festival in Portugal, and won a gold medal as well as a prize for the best performance of the obligatory piece with João Barros as a conductor. 

In summer 2017, João conducted the choir of contemporary music festival Peças Fescas Açores. In September 2017, he was invited by World Masters in China to lead masterclasses of choral conducting and to work with choirs of variable age and level. He conducted over 50 choirs all over China, in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Lanzhou, Jinan, and many other cities.

As a singer, João has recently sung with Tenso Europe Chamber Choir, Ensemble Vocal Desafinados, Officium Ensemble, Coro Ricercare and Meestes&Gazellen and he performed in 12 different countries.